How much can you actually do with an online vet?

How much can you actually do with an online vet?

What can you use online vets for?

We get it. The whole vet from home concept can sound a little bit strange, but you’d be surprised how much can be done through a video call.
Vets can help when you have an issue and need a second opinion, and are great for providing a triage service (think NHS 111) when you're not sure if a trip to the local vet is actually needed. Alongside that, they can do a lot of treatment and care without you needing to leave the sofa.
Here’s just a few of the things you can receive help on from home:

  • Upset tummies, vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Itchy skin: why they are scratching and what you can do
  • Bad behaviour or training support
  • Toxin advice: if your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have
  • Skin and ear problems
  • Parasite prevention - fleas, ticks and worming
  • Coughing & sneezing - does your pet need to see a vet
  • Eye problems - what's normal and what's not
  • First aid and wound care
  • Lumps and bumps
  • Limping and lameness
  • Behaviour & training

Preventative care advice

Joii online vets and nurses can also provide preventative care advice, with a number of clinics including:

  • Dental: how to take care of teeth and gums
  • Grooming: how to care for your pet's skin health
  • New puppy and kitten support
  • Diet advice: giving your pet the right nutrients
  • You can even ask us for advice if you're picking up a new pet and want to make sure everything is a'ok with the breeder (same applies if you need help adjusting a rescue pet into your home)

If you're unsure if you need a vet consult, you also have the option to use our intelligent pet symptom checker, which will tell you what is the best next step for your pet.

How does a vet video call work?

You can upload videos or photos before you join for the vets to examine. You’ll need to have your four-legged friend with you, so the vets can work with you to examine them. They’ll then look at everything from behaviour and energy, to how they are moving, any lumps and bumps, and even their gums and teeth.

Your pet is typically more comfortable with you doing the examination as they are used to you touching them. Our vets will just talk you through it.

What happens after the vet call?

Your vet will write up consultation notes with any product recommendations for your furry friend. You will get a notification when these are ready so make sure you have these turned on in your settings. Or you can find your notes in 'consultation history' in the app.

Need advice for your pet?

Our vets are online 24/7 to help. Download the Joii app today for vet calls for £24.