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The right food can change your puppy’s skin. Help us help you. Get free pet care, free food Add a little bit of body text, and a £150 Amazon voucher crabtree 3 in return.

It’s all free. Start helping your dog today.

The study

We’re looking for 120 puppies with itchy and sensitive skin to take part in our clinical study.

The study takes place over a 3 month period and will investigate the impact a specially designed food has on puppies with itchy and sensitive skin.

Participants will be split into two groups and will either test the study food or will remain on their current food. The groups will be selected at random.

Help puppies

1. Help puppies

You’ll be helping all puppies with itchy and sensitive skin.

Free pet care puppy

2. Free pet care

Regular remote health checks and video calls with Joii vets and nurses.

Free food puppy

3. Free food

You’ll either receive free study food for 3 months or we’ll cover the cost of your current food.

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4. £150 Amazon voucher

As a thank you for your help, you’ll get a £150 Amazon voucher at the end of the study.

How it works


Check if you and your pooch qualify by filling out the short form below.

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Speak to a vet

Attend a free video call to confirm you're eligible and ask any questions you have.

Medical history check

All you need to do is contact your vet practice to ask them to send us your puppy's medical history

Study equipment delivery

We'll send you everything you need to complete the study, all free.

Dog scratching skin

Red patches, spots or pimples.

Scabs, crusts or thickened skin.

Flaky or scaly patches.

Hair loss.

Itching, scratching, licking & rubbing.

Bad skin odour.

Common signs of skin conditions.

Dr Sam Webster

Dr. Sam Webster

Veterinary surgeon

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Concerned about your puppy?

If you’re unable to join the study but are concerned about your puppy, talk to a vet. Consult a Joii vet online for £28, or for free if you’re insured with one of our partners.

Consult a vet - £28

Consult your vet online. Anyday, anytime.

Consult a Joii vet online for £28. Or free if you’re insured with one of our partners.

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