Joii is changing the way
we care for pets


Using leading edge technology,
we’re making petcare more
accessible, more affordable and
more convenient for every pet
parent on the planet.

There’s some pretty
powerful science
behind Joii

It involves cutting-edge computer vision
with automated reasoning, learning and
predictions of animal health conditions.
Amazing stuff. But in the end its all
about giving pet parents the power to
take better care of their pets at home.

Because healthy pets, are happy pets.

Offering an alternative to the traditional trips to the vets.

Often cases presented to vets are low risk and can be identified without a physical examination. With Joii we bridge this gap, you can do what’s best for your pet, reduce stress and save money.

Joii is supported and delivered by a network of UK registered Veterinary Professionals.

We’re proud to be led by a team of highly qualified and skilled registered veterinary surgeons and nurses, Including the president of the British Veterinary Dermatology Study Group.

Our expert team combined with groundbreaking technology enables us to provide veterinary care, direct to you.