Joii’s Guide to ♫ ‘The twelve cat and dog days of Christmas’ ♪

Christmas is coming. And with it comes all sorts of fun and excitement. But sometimes it brings challenges for pet parents too: everything from festive food hazards to travel-sickness traumas.

Table of Contents

So the vets and nurses at Joii have put together Joii’s guide to…

Twelve (pet-friendly) Days of Christmas

  • Recognising the hazards and how to avoid them.
  • Fun things to do and share with pets this Christmas

…to make sure you have all the information you need for a worry-free and fun Christmas this year.

Day 1: Foreign bodies at Christmas

Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, sellotape, string and toys. Pets eating things they shouldn’t and choking hazards.

Day 2: Food hazards during the festive season

Christmas food hazards for dogs and cats

Day 3: Too much turkey and treats?

Upset tummies: when and how to manage them at home

Day 4: Poisonous plants

Christmas trees, Christmas cactus, flowers, trees and nuts; what’s harmful among the Christmas plants 

Day 5: Stress at Christmas

Visitors, noise, changes, stress and escapees

Day 6: Bearing gifts we travel afar?

Preparing for a journey and travelling with pets

Day 7: Festive skin and coat care for pets

Shedding, scratching and those year-round pesky parasites

Day 8: Happy places – options for care while you are away

How to prepare your pet and what are the options

Day 9: Great gifts for pets to share the fun of giving

Safe and healthy toys for pets

Day 10: Sharing is caring – treats to share

Safe treats for pets, bought and home-made

Day 11: New pets at Christmas

A pet is a 15-year commitment. If your new pet happens to arrive around Christmas, some tips to settle them in at a busy time. Advice if it’s already happened!

Day 12: Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Snow and cold weather challenges for pets 

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Let’s play it safe with pets this year, so all the family has a totally pawsome Christmas!

christmas cats and dogs

Wishing you a very happy Christmas from all your family friends at Joii!

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