Foreign bodies in the eye can cause serious injuries. If your dog’s eye is closed or they are squinting, it’s usually a sign that they need to see a vet. It may be possible for you to detect and safely remove small particles at home, find out more below.   What to do What should […]

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When vets talk about euthanasia, it means bringing your dog’s life to a peaceful end with an overdose of anaesthetic. Over 90% of all deaths will be assisted in this way. Fewer than 9% of dogs will have unassisted deaths. Humans live a lot longer than dogs. Saying goodbye is something all of us who […]

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Xylitol is a sugar-substitute found in lots of human sweets, medicines and gums. It’s poisonous to all dogs. Symptoms of xylitol poisoning usually develop within an hour. They can rapidly become life-threatening. In 2020 alone, the Pet Poison Helpline received around 6000 calls from worried owners whose dogs had eaten things that contained xylitol, especially […]

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Diabetic ketoacidosis in dogs is a life-threatening complication of diabetes. It can affect diabetic dogs of any age or sex, but it’s most likely in older dogs with other illnesses as well.   Diabetic ketoacidosis in dogs is a complication of untreated or uncontrolled diabetes. It can develop very suddenly and is considered a veterinary […]

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Hyperthyroidism happens when the body produces too much thyroid hormone. It’s a rare disease in dogs and usually results from cancer of the thyroid gland. Hyperthyroidism is most likely to be seen in older dogs of either sex from around 9-11 years. It’s more likely in larger breeds  Hyperthyroidism happens when the thyroid glands become […]

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