Cats and dogs are naturally curious and that can lead them into all sorts of mischief. Find out what steps to take when your pet eats something they shouldn’t and how to reduce the chance of it happening. Immediate steps to take when your pet eats something they shouldn’t There are a few different concerns […]

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Dreaming of a white Christmas? Snow and cold weather challenges for pets

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Christmas food and treats for pets

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This is the season to spoil our furry friends too! Let’s get those tails wagging and whiskers twitching. Dive into a world of paws and purrs with gifts specially crafted to bring boundless happiness to your dogs and cats.

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As our feline friends grow alongside us, it’s important to understand the health conditions and challenges that they may face during the different stages of their lives. It’s our responsibility as vets and pet owners to help with their changing needs and make sure their golden years are as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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It’s a noisy time of year with all the firework displays and it’s not surprising this can induce fear and stress for cats. The good news is, there are things you can do to keep your cat safe and calm during fireworks. From prescription medications, calming diffusers and supplements, to changes in the house and advice from a qualified behaviourist.

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There are many different types of wild mushrooms and toadstools that grow in the UK. They are most commonly found in the autumn months, between September and November. Mushrooms usually grow in woodlands and parks, and they can even be seen in gardens.

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How can you keep your furry friends safe at night? Joii’s expert vets explain the potential dangers for cats outside at night, and how you can help them stay safe.

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